Monday, November 12. 2012.

As expected, with the water temperature falling, the big fish are coming to the surface. 

On yesterdays outing we landed a total of 17 fish with a number of them over 10 lbs. Still lots of Dollies on the downriggers at varying depths but nothing matches the adrenaline filled excitement of watching a big Rainbow smash your fly off the surface.

Still have openings over the next 6 weeks for what is shaping up to be the best season yet!
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Fishing Report for December31st 2012

The last day of the year ended up being a great way to finish 2012. We started by landing a 9lb dolly before any other lines were in the water. By the time we got our 3rd line in, we landed a 7lb dolly and before we had even set all of the lines a 13 lb rainbow smashed a fly off of the surface, a very productive 5 minutes indeed. We worked through a short drought then it started again, a nice 8lb dolly and before we could get that line out again, double header! Two 8lb dollies. Nothing like landing  big fish in the same net at the same time-awesome action! We ended the day with a couple more nice fish that got to swim to fight another day.

Big thanks to Cody,Andy and Shane for a great day!  The fish are not showing any signs of slowing down, the fishing just seems to keep getting better!

Drop me a line! Lets get out there!

Fishing report for January 18 2013;

Fishing continues to be excellent out there, on our last excursion, day one saw quite a few dollies up to 10lbs from depths fron 50-100' deep, we even had a 7.5 pound dolly hit a bucktail fly off the surface. Day two was a whole different story, it started with a 11-5lb rainbow off the surface at about 7am then a absolute screamer on the downrigger about an hour later, that fish had plenty of power and managed to shake the hook pretty quickly. After a bit of a lull, we hooked a 14lb rainbow that put on quite a show with deep runs and big jumps, it took quite a while to get it to the boat, truly an epic battle. Shortly there after on a turn, one of the rods starts bouncing and we see the fish break the surface and realize its a monster, after a couple of good runs, we get it to within 20 feet of the boat and it digs in, we can hardly move it at all, finally he tires out and we get him in the boat, a beautiful 18lb buck! Then to finish off the day, minutes before pulling in the gear, we landed a beautiful 8lb dolly. What a day!

big bow 1.jpg
brians bow.jpg
d's dolly.jpg

Fishing report for January 28th 2013

After an hour and a half of trolling,a downrigger rod starts bouncing and seems like a small fish untill it sees the boat, then it desides to put on a show, big headshakes and deep dives, finally Brett guides it into the net and we have our first 10lber of the day. After that, the action was steady all day, later in the afternoon, we hooked into a real big one, was on for 10-15 minutes at 200-250" out then managed to shake free, swim to fight another day.  After another 10 quality bullies we hooked into a bruiser, Kenny angled the fish beautifully and we landed a 15lb+ dolly to finish of the day.


Fishing report for March 15 2013

Unsettled weather and high temperatures have really turned the fish on this week. We have also seen quite a few pre-spawn fish that seem to be getting set to stage before the May spawn. In three days this week we landed over 30 fish with the top 5 being 17.1lbs, 17lbs, 16.6lbs, 15lbs and 11lbs. Most of the top 5 were spawners and were released. The fish seem to be interested in bucktail flies again, and seem to be smashing them right off the surface. Hard to beat the adrenaline filled excitement of watching a 17 pound trout putting on an air show as you battle it to the boat for 20 minutes. It looks like spring fishing is on, my favorite time of the year to pull flies for enormous rainbow trout!   Lets go fishing!





Fishing report for October 4 2013

After fishing all last weekend and today, our tally of hooked fish is 64 with about 50 of those getting in the boat. The water temperature is still a little warm at about 60 degrees but the fish dont seem to mind at all. Last friday we hooked 16 fish and landed 10 and kept 8, with 3 of the 8 being around 11lbs, two rainbow trout and one bull trout. The next day we hooked 32 and landed 26 and kept 12, up to 8lbs. Today we started with a screamer rainbow from 100' down that weighed 13 lbs then caught 15 more, releasing 10.

Truly an amazing start to the fall fishery and only going to get better. 

Early fall fishing 2013 002.jpg